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the persecuted church…

“Yes, and everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.” 2 Timothy 3:12

God has been opening my heart up more and more for the persecuted church. In South Africa persecution does not normally come from believing in Christ. The persecution for believers starts when they start living a holy life. It is mostly in the breaking of relationships, habits and activities. God has been reaffirming my call to Kenya dealing with the persecuted church. I learned about the large amount of muslims living in Kibrea the slum we will be living and working in. There is a large masque that towers above the slum. God has been breaking my heart for the kids who are so hungry for Jesus yet are not allowed to choice him. This Friday we are forming our final teams. Because of a lack of leadership for the South Africa location it will not be offered next semester. The swaziland and Kenya teams will be put into place with around 15 in each location. This next week will be my finally ministry days in Attridgeville. Pray for me as I will be saying goodbye to some close friends. God has been opening doors in peoples hearts and homes. My prayer is that these women will grow and flourish in their faith after we leave. Pray that they continue to be a light and a witness. This week we are going to be challenging them to even after we are gone to keep doing house visits, praying and teaching others the truth about Christ. Thanks for all your prayers! I love you