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 (the cute kids who’s mom is in my bible study got to love Crayola)

This week I began my internship.  During my trip to Swaziland in September our team had visited a market we like to call the mile long market.  That day I sat with a Lady named Nonhlanhla Matsebula meaning Lucky.  We talked for forty minuets about Jesus.  It was a deep soul inspiring and joyful time.   Our house ends up being just a quick ride on public to the market.  I went to the market on Tuesday to find Nonhlanhla.  We went down to the end of the market and a lady said start at the first booth.  I recognized the women.  I went up to her and said “Hello”.  She was a little confused.  I asked “Do you remembered me?”  The face was a no…I started feeling really awkward.  I reminded her of sitting and talking in September.  Her face then changed and did what only an African woman can with an O in excitement.  She said “We talked about Jesus! I didn’t recognize you.  You got fat.”   I just laughed knowing that is a complement and reconsidered all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I eat.  After sitting down with her in her shop she began telling me stories of how God miraculously provided for her this month.  When I started sharing from the bible she called in 5other ladies to hear what I had to say.  These women are so open and hungry.  They long to hear anything of truth and from the word. 

            I returned on Wednesday to have a bible study with the ladies.  My internship will involve being at the market for about 20 hours a week.  There are around thirteen ladies that are participating in the bible study.  They are adamant for me to pray for each by name.  These are the women that will rise up and reach out to those around them.  They will help raise all these orphans that fill this country.  I am excited to see how these women grow and become fully alive.  At two o’clock each day the little ones come to the market from the cresh (preschool).  I get to spend an hour with these cute little ones just enjoying and showing them love. One of the little ones was sharing her mango with me and it just stole my heart.  The ladies have asked for bibles.  We only had English New Testaments to give them.  They all really want siSwati bibles.  I am going to try to raise money to get each of them a siSwati bible.  It will most likely cost $150. 

Pray  PRAISE GOD THE BIBLES HAVE BEEN PAID FOR!  Thank you so so much 🙂

o       That God’s spirit speaks words of life and love to these ladies.

o       I need to write a deep bible study for four days a week.  Pray that the Lord lays topics and passages on my heart.

o       That despite the spirit restricting intimacy that is over this country that I will be able to get deep into the hearts and lives of these women

o       I need strength to sit in the hot market for 5 hours a day.

o       The ladies are helping to teach me siSwati yet I am struggling to remember what I have learned.

o       Pray for continued safety as I ride public alone to and from the market each day

o       The ladies ask that I pray for increased business as getting more than one sale a day is a good day.  

o       Please consider praying for each or just one of these women each day- Tengetile, Phindile, Nozipho, Thulsile, Buksiwe, Nonhlanhla, Make (means mom “maga”) Mouli, Lungile, Olympia, Make Fakudze, Alice  and the others of whom I have not mastered their names.


Thank You for your prayers