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the hard stuff…

We lost a abandoned baby that lived at the hospital today.  He was not being taken care of by the staff so
Melissa and Amber had been waking up at the crack of dawn to go to the hospital
to make sure he got food.  He stopped
breathing today at 1:47…Amber was right there reading her bible looks up and
he wasn’t breathing anymore.  He was 3
years old and found about a month ago abandoned in a locked house.  He was the size of an
infant…malnutriened…to death…  I was at the hospital
earlier… and dang that baby…is dead now…i saw him at like 11:30.  It is weird to know that life is taken like
that… just gone.  He wouldn’t have
died in America… the nursed hadn’t been taking care of him… gah… Melissa
and Amber’s hearts are breaking.  The tears have stream down.  Last Saturday Elisa lost a little one in her arms at the Hospital
in Manzini.  We have babies… die.  Gah, this is hard... this is really hard. A baby is gone.   This is the realities that hit on the mission field.  People die, Children die, AIDS is really killing this nation… sin is in the world!  Yet, then you see hope you see the light shine in a new believers eyes.  You see hope when someone has a bible placed in their hands.  You can see shoulders relax after you pray for someone for a job.  God is at work in the sorrow, in this beautiful world that sin is having its evil effect on.