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Since the recent happenings in Kenya the decision has been made not to be sent there. It’s so so hard on my heart to not be there when the people need it so
much. God has been teaching me billions of things about following. As
soon as I found out Kenya was a mess my heart broke. I have been
fasting and praying for the last 2 weeks like never before. I said that
God was going to teach me to intercede in prayer during Holiday. Well,
it happened in a different way then I expected. Peace, O how I pray for
peace. There are all these cool things where I prayed for it, and then
I have an article from bbc that is the exact answer! God is so so cool
like that.

So instead of spending next semester in Kenya I will be in the Mbabane/Ezulwini

means “Heaven” in siSwati.  The Ezulwini valley sits below the
city of Mbanane
and is in some ways a suburb of the capital

house is located  in a new housing development and has good security with
a guard, high wall, and electric fence protecting the whole neighborhood. (to give you who are worrying about me more peace 馃檪
The house is less than 2 years
old, has 4 bedrooms and will have modern bathroom and kitchen facilities.

will involve primarily public transport – although the team will have an
AIM vehicle as well.  Public Transport is a 5-10 minute walk from the
house.  A “Kombie” ride  up the road to Mbabane is about 20 minutes up  (and
about 10 minutes down!)

opportunities include:

Hospital in Mbabane – men’s
ward, women’s ward, large children’s ward.

2 high schools in Mbabane where we have done discipleship and
abstinence groups in the past.

Teacher assistants in 2 elementary
schools in Ezulwini.

3 vulnerable children care points located
in Ezulwini.

English Teacher for a program designed
for older kids who are unable to go to school but need English for jobs.

Street ministry in Mbabane.

A Mosque is located on the road behind
the neighborhood where the team will live.

Several NGO’s are located in Mbabane.  With some
networking, there may be some ability to help with some of their activities.

I am starting to get more excited about Swaziland.  

I realize God must have something bigger planned. Today’s prayer for
Kenya is that the body would rise up and step up into deep intimate
relationships with Christ. Then, may they step out beyond their own
borders and be missionaries to the rest of Africa and the world. I know
the church in Kenya is capable of that. I know it is鈥astor Peter is a
missionary in Atteridgeville from Kenya. I know that there are more
like him鈥

Please be praying for me and my team in this changing time.  Most of the team has had problems getting there plane ticket situations worked out.  The last of the team should arrive on January 22nd.  We have a ton of getting use to and changes to adjust into.  We are now going to need to learn siswati and meet a whole lot of new people.  Pray for divine appointments and that God will lead me into the perfect internship.

Thanks for all your prayers!  This has been a challenging but growing period in my life.  I am excited that God had more planned for my team.