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Hi, From Africa
There is so much to say, so little time to write and a billion ways to say it! God has been at work not only in my own heart but in the heart of my whole team. This weekend we had missionary boot camp 🙂 It was really really beyond reason hard, yet rewarding. Christ came through in everyone of our weaknesses and struggles. God has broken us yet lifted us up. The teams were formed this weekend. I will be going to Kenya next semester. Our team is amazing! We are – Abby, Chelsea, JB, Michael, Luke, Michelle J, Allison, Joie, Tessa, Teresa, Melissa, Carrie, Nichole, and me. God has great things planned for us. Please I ask that you would keep praying. We are splitting into our teams and Swaziland team is going to Swaziland on Thursday. God is good.
I love you guys